Heading 'Floor Area and Cost with menus'
    NumberIn 'Length ft' l
    NumberIn 'Width ft' w
    Menu 'Carpet Quality' costsqft  # Display options in a menu. Title and variable.
       'Cheap' 5              # Text for the menu option and a number to return.
       'Normal' 10 Selected   # Select this option as the default.
       'Expensive' 15
    RadioButtons 'Fitting' f        # Like a menu but displayed as radio buttons.
       'Professional' 75 Selected
       'Do It Yourself' 0
    NumberIn 'Delivery Charge' d 35  # Put a default number in the box.
    CalcButton 'Floor Area and Cost'

area := l * w
totalcost := area * costsqft + f + d

    Heading 'Floor Area and Cost'
    LineOut 'Length ft' l
    LineOut 'Width ft' w
    LineOut 'Area in Square Feet' l*w '=' l 'X' w
    LineOut 'Cost per Square Foot' costsqft
    LineOut 'Fitting' f
    LineOut 'Delivery' d
    LineOut 'Total Cost' totalcost